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3 d printing and planks

by:Bofeng     2020-11-12

hand-board model, refers to the coating resin mould set piece, a kind of collection model, is a kind of Japanese anime peripheral and English texts for Garage Kits ( 门将) , it is suit module ( 模型包) The meaning of. Hand handle is also used as means including finished product all human works of resin material, especially its original meaning is not coating of the module. Is also used as refers to the human, namely, collection of all the character model.

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light curing model of 3 d printing equipment is a hand to do the most common use of a production process, because of the characteristics of the resin material, very suitable for performance very meticulous detail structure and characters. Curing light 3 d printing production out of the hand are all semi-finished products die. it, later need to grinding, assembly, paint, etc to complete the follow-up process.

first hand look at the 3 d printing to do the advantage of what?

▶ 3 d printing hand can realize personalized custom, can print their own, unique characteristics of game characters, props, anime characters.

▶ more texture. Mass production are on the market to buy, use 3 d printing can make individual fashionable, limited edition hand, pretend bility is higher.

▶ using 3 d printing to make hand, rapid, efficient, and hands do character of high precision, simple sense is good.

▶ comprehensive cost is lower, relative to open mold and pure handmade, 3 d printing has not only high efficiency, and lower cost.

hand using 3 d printing to do, must first have a 3 d modeling of 3 d data, then through simple processing, 3 d data import 3 d printing equipment to print one hand die. it get high accuracy. Of course, want to hand do lifelike, besides high precision die. it also without surface color treatment. Here small make up for you a brief introduction of 3 d printing process.

3 d modeling

first by the 3 d mold die division for three dimensional data modeling, the modeling software using Zbrush or 3 d MAX, etc. In addition to the 3 d modeling, you can also use a reverse way of 3 d scanning to obtain 3 d data, using 3 d scanning is the premise of must have a hand do physical prototype, on the basis of the hands to do the prototype with 3 d scanner sweep out a 3 d point cloud data, suitable for 3 d printing.

3 d printing

based on the above steps, the 3 d data are built, and then through the data processing of 3 d printing before poledevs 3 d data to break the repair, and the best print Angle, and support, to export the CLI slice. Format, you can input the 3 d printing equipment for production, do die. it by hand.


after 3 d printing got die. it, followed by grinding and color processing, besmear after dry, and then to assemble, a 3 d print cartoon hand is finished.

3 d printing cartoon hand do maximum size does not exceed 3 d printing stroke, also can print directly as a whole, thus was relieved from the assembly process. Big hand to assemble again after printing offices can split.

relative to other material, 3 d printing materials are best SLA photosensitive tree, its economical value, smooth surface, high precision, easy colored, take in the hand feel is also very good. New laser curing light 3 d printer is suitable for all kinds of models of photosensitive resin material, is a good choice.

hand do traditional hand-made almost entirely dependent on human, can replication is very poor, so the traditional manual production, the marginal cost is the same, how many sets of production is firmly how much cost. 3 d printing costs of small, high efficiency, quality is guaranteed at the same time, the choice of the largest commercial purpose is bound to the backward mode of production, so the 3 d printing office will replace traditional hand do the producing method, combined with the current market situation analysis, predictably 3 d printing office will replace commercial hand do production.

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