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3 d printing application in advertising items

by:Bofeng     2020-11-11
With the development of society and economy, the strengthening of information, advertising in the position in the society as a whole will further consolidate and improve, advertising industry has also emerged a new development and change, the influence of the consumption idea, consumer not only to the product value, more attention in product display.

in the area of display props in the advertising industry, and its shape and arrangement has entered a stage of diversification, display props has a considerable role in the decor. Exquisite advertising display props in adornment ornament not only have the effect of the beautiful, also become a kind of fashion trend, although the product is the leading role, but with the display props of the foil, its charm to brighter, it can fuel the overall effect of advertisement. We hear more before

is the application of 3 d printing on the film properties, such as hard-edged DLC, solemn majesty armor, wandering the earth in 1100 and 14 suit helmet, etc. But 3 d printing in the application of advertising display props he heard less, at present the mature of 3 d printing technology, radiation industry is becoming more and more widely used, in addition to the film and television industry by using 3 d printing to make props, all kinds of exquisite advertising industry also began to use 3 d printing to make advertising display props.

small make up today to share the 3 d printing used in cosmetic advertising items on this application.

vocation spending is reported that as early as 2017, amorepacific showed brands IOPE newly developed 3 d printing mask, provide consumers with the essence of the custom skin care products. In addition, Johnson & Johnson group of the United States skin care brand the first micro 3 d printing released Neutrogena facial Mask Mask iD will be customized to the trend of front-end Mask.

spending on March 5, 2019 at the Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition, 3 d printing light-emitting word after solution appearance attracted numerous audience's eyes, more people begin to pay close attention to 3 d printing industry inside and outside in the application and development trend of advertising industry.

spending on April 11, 2019 l 'oreal group in IoTONE ( Help find technical solutions and service partners) The organization arrangement, visited our company, is a 3 d digital revolution and the industrial printing. Zero solution, thoroughly discusses the application of 3 d printing in cosmetic industry.

spending laser is a new group has more than one hundred sets of equipment for industrial grade 3 d printing services company, advertising items and cosmetics industry contacts every day very much, as a classic case for a industry many premium brands, such as the international classic estee lauder skincare brand spray decoration project.

that opened in 2018 she made for estee lauder 'splash' classic adornment project

what has been discussed above, using laser 3 d printing production show that the new group has the following five unique advantage, get higher incomes user:

▶ no mold manufacturing, no mould manufacturing is the biggest advantage of single products and small batch production, can save tedious process, in the very fast time to get a quality product.

▶ time fast, 3 d printing can be designed three dimensional figure directly import equipment for printing, only need to just a few hours can be hundred percent reduction degrees products.

▶ lower cost, save the cost of the mould and production cycle, 3 d printing on the production cost of condensation is reduced greatly.

▶ individuation, individuation is the most advantage of 3 d printing technology, is not affected by product modeling, arbitrary curved surface and the structure of the hollow out can be highly reduction, and does not have the design aesthetic feeling.

▶ environmental protection, 3 d printing is also called material manufacture, USES optical motion principle, strict production environment, does not produce waste, waste, noise of dust and harmful chemicals, advanced manufacturing technology, production of environmental protection of the environment.

advertising industry internationalization process is accelerating, this is due to the deepening of economic globalization and the deepening of advertising effects and changes. Many beauty makeup brands are trying to use all kinds of new technology to improve the retail experience, 3 d printing can produce manufactured by complexity reduction process, personalization and customization this advantage also makes the display props on the market can not thousand times of design, more and more new design represents a different brand image scour the consumer perspective, retain the customer's eyes, this is advertising benefits, not only enhance the brand image, and to create higher sales.

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