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3 d printing brand is established through value added

by:Bofeng     2020-10-26
3 d printing is through product, value-added, commitment and identification with the user to establish a relationship. It can be done by 3 d printing brand visual symbols, products and services, and 3 d printing brand value added and 3 d printing brand promise four point of interpretation.

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first, 3 d printing is a kind of visual symbol, brand logo and logo after propaganda called brands such as part of but not all of 3 d printing brand. Fast sample enterprise symbol and logo can change with the development of the enterprise and, but the value of 3 d printing brand is accumulating. Second, the product/service is 3 d printing constitute the core and basis of the brand, but only the product quality or service is not equal to have 3 d printing brand, product/service is 3 d printing basic functional elements in the composition of the brand value. Then, 3 d printing is a kind of brand is higher than the added value of products, which includes emotion and culture. 3 d printing users through the use of products/services of brand value can express their personal value proposition or personal image of social values. The brand a promise, it is a kind of aeriform contract relationship, is a 3 d printing enterprise's ultimate commitment to customers, she represents the persistent customer trust relationship.

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rapid manufacturing services company has been to create 3 d printing brand of the customers trust and persistence and effort!

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