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3 d printing combined with the art of seal cutting the 70th anniversary of the founding of the republic of tribute

by:Bofeng     2020-10-31
Etched history, confirm. Recently, in the traditional art form for the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the establishment of the republic of important activities: 'mark (China 1949 - 2019). The public seal cutting exhibition 'held in Beijing China millennium monument museum of art. Organized by the China millennium monument museum of art, the Ministry of Education language application management, China academy of art carving arts of China, The country) Education association of painting and calligraphy seal cutting art section, press the host of xileng printing society.

the large seal cutting seal works exhibition displays over 425 pieces, including a set of 3 d printing 'science and technology of China' series seal to the public, become one of the focus. The exhibition sector by China's electronic information industry development institute, focused on important 'breakthroughs' events in China since the founding of new China, and based on this prototype with increasing material manufacturing technology design and production of seal, fully mechanized mining carving and contemporary material diversification and sculpture technology and the development trend of the further interpretation of seal cutting art's relationship with new materials, new technology.

3 d printing 'science and technology of China' series of seal products series a total of 16 pieces, respectively is: 'east is red' number one 'integrated circuit' one million times 'nc satellite communication', 'east is red', '2' Mars ', '863 plan', 'torch plan' beidou no. 2 '' charng-er's no. 1' 'network power' 'the first world conference on the Internet' 'the light of the taihu lake' 'mozi' 'single photon quantum computer' 'manufacturing power' business licence '' 5 g, by the Shanghai exquisitely three-dimensional design co. , LTD. Hand in hand with the domestic several leading enterprises increase material manufacturing industry design is completed, a new laser technology involved in the part of the series production.

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1, the topic name: Mars < br />


photosensitive resin craft: 3 d printing

size: 75 mm * * 55 mm to 50 mm

design description: in October 2007, China's first lunar exploration satellite launch. This satellite borne by China academy of space technology development, to the ancient Chinese myth character named after the goddess of the moon.

this stamp by the combination of chang e intent with commemorative theme, modelling elegant, light curing 3 d printing technology, complex hollow structure of the seal is perfect.

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