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3 d printing project construction cost can be cut by ninety percent

by:Bofeng     2020-11-11
3 d printing to work for the center with mechanical construction, different from the traditional labor intensive construction project, can reduce the manpower cost, shorten the construction time, saving construction cost. Domestic only the CEO of a construction of 3 d printing company CORONA 'dongyuan, said:' 3 d printing buildings can be constructed residential construction cost reduced to one over ten of the now. If a set of 6 ping ( 19. An area of 83 square meters) Single room is 100 million won, the use of 3 d printing, costs can be compressed to 10 million won. '

3 d printers to build a house on a global scale is not alone, China's surplus and building technology company, in January 2015 with 3 d printers to build up a 5 floor apartment, nantes, France has the world's first use of 3 d printers to build public housing' yhnova ', for people since last June. The Dutch PSV eindhoven university of technology plans to use 3 d printers to build 2023 years ago 5 rental housing.

which just in its infancy, CORONA now still not able to build houses, can only use 3 d printers to create similar sauna room as the structure of the hut. But for the future, 'dongyuan confidently said:' with technology development, the whole construction process can be done through the print. CORONA this year's goal is to produce 12 meters long, 12 meters wide and 6 m high building 3 d printer, then we can share the residential building 2 floors. We plan to produce in a few years can build 8 story building of the printer. '

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