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3D Printing Service - Modern Type of Rapid Prototyping

by:Bofeng     2021-04-05

Rapid Prototyping is basically the process of creating models for testing, fitting and functioning of a device. There are a good number of companies that provide Rapid Prototyping Services Canada. With the present day technology, the range of services provided by the companies has broadened. 3D printing is one such modern and cost effective forms of rapid prototyping available out there. It is known as a quick, cheap and effective alternative to the conventional technology used in rapid prototyping. Like the prototyping service providers, you can also find a number of companies these days, providing cost effective 3D printing services in Canada.

This technology makes use of 3D printing equipment in order to generate fully functional and working prototype from a wide range of materials, including plastics and plasters. The choice of material mainly depends on the intricacy, geometry and potency required in the model. 3D printing in Canada is a cheap and accurate medium of prototyping in comparison to the SLA as well as SLS machines. One of the most amazing additional benefits of 3D printing is that it does not make use of any hazardous chemicals, powders or resins, which makes it environmental safe.

The normal SLS machines make use of a 0.15 mm film, while the SLA machines make use of the 0.028 mm layer object size. This is even half the thickness of the human hair. On the other hand, the FDM makes use of 0.25 mm object size and uses a whole layer of ABS plastic to make it appear more realistic. These machines even produce more colors as compared to the SLA and SLS machines. All this makes this 3D printing as one of the best rapid prototyping services in a large number of terms.

The rapid prototyping Canada models are used by a large number of companies as well as designers for testing the functionality of the new products and get feedbacks from the customers. The data obtained is in turn used in modifying the model and developing the desired product. These are an important tool in the events when quick change in design is required before the actual manufacturing. 3d printing Canada helps you in eliminating the need of expensive tools and staff to carry on the required tasks, thereby saving a great deal of time and money.

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