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A quick sample how to apply in industrial production

by:Bofeng     2020-11-01
Fast if the samples are simplified into an open at both ends of the box factory, manufacturers at the entrance to the end to put into production raw material, energy and resources, can harvest the corresponding products in the outlet. However, in the eyes of most of the manufacturers, the box is black - — Fast sample factory managers can clear accounting the input and output outside the box, but specific what happened in the box, for example, the fast sample for? How to organize production, the optimal? Often don't know much about it.

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90% of the rapid sample factory problem because of information opaque. First of all, useful information is hidden, management can't discern the production process, also can't auxiliary for the right decisions, says it 'invisible'; Second, management decision-making process is not reasonable, make it difficult to put the real strategic intent in the management to carry out the bottom go to, said it 'reach'; Finally, the problem back not in time, lead to enterprise cannot stop in time, called it 'too late'. This leads to enterprises to improve production efficiency, product quality, costs come down.

to authors and, in recent years around the world set off a upsurge of fast samples, transformation and upgrading to become manufacturers moment in words. Different countries have different strategy of rapid sample, but the essence is to improve the competitiveness of the domestic manufacturing industry in the global market.

in other words, whether industrial 4. The Internet, '0' or 'industry, no matter how concept says, ultimately to product delivery, quality, cost, efficiency of the factory the real problems.

how to realize the efficient use of rapid sample? It should increase handover material manufacture, the nature of open the 'black box' of the factory, make the process of rapid sample transparent visual. Only the correct data and information, can let the management insight lies; Only rational decision-making process, to perform a target; Only a timely intervention, can let be safe problem.

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