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Aluminum alloy processing and after-sales service quality basic standards

by:Bofeng     2020-11-12
Aluminum alloy processing and after-sales service quality based on standard

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1, aluminum alloy processing enterprise leaders should pay attention to after-sales service, formulate relevant aluminum alloy processing service system and incentive mechanism, once the after-sale service personnel to meet the standard requirements or high standards, to reflect on the rewards and punishment to the staff, this is the most basic of all aluminum alloy processing and after-sales service work.

2, aluminum alloy processing and after-sales service standards: within the industry in sales, management or technical production work five years, high knowledge level, have college degree or above, good self-cultivation, itself has a strong ability of self-study and self-improvement.

3, aluminum alloy processing and after-sales service work of the evaluation principle: service personnel for aluminum alloy processing customer service every time after, all want to do the work record, and once a month to report to the leadership, for failing to complete the service work as required by the customer complaint, must carry on the punishment.

4, aluminum alloy processing service hotline, and 24 hours service, the customer's problem, giving in 4 hours to respond.

5, the aluminum alloy processing customers door-to-door delivery, according to the journey far and near and customer agreed delivery time, time shall not exceed customer requirements, such as the objective cause delay delivery, delay one day give money compensation.

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6, aluminum processing model to customers will send the goods, usually no more than 7 days of delivery, such as delay due to special reasons, should immediately with aluminum alloy processing and customer communication.

7, aluminum alloy processing customer visiting personnel according to stay, midway through the whole process service to the customer until the customer leave shall not be left out, snubbed clients, aluminum alloy processing services including customer accommodation arrangements, to assist customers, help customers contact contract staff, help customer order return tickets, because of the bad reception by the customer complaints, want to reflect money to punish.

8, aluminum alloy processing service personnel must have the plan to visit customers, general high-level service personnel to visit at least once half a year, ordinary staff or employees at least once a month.

9, free to provide skills training for aluminum alloy processing customers, such as technical training, sales skills training, etc. , in aluminum alloy processing customer request this within one month after implementation.

10, free testing related quality for the customer, immediately after receipt of the aluminum alloy processing products for testing within 24 hours to test results of the customer.

11, aluminum alloy to help clients processing quality complaints and other problems of the market, ensure the reply within 24 hours after receive complaints, processed within one month.

12, with aluminum alloy processing customers to establish relations of cooperation, in accordance with the contract within ten days to the delivery and provide for the customer, such as the related services, market promotion services such as product manuals, brochures, etc.

13, assist aluminum alloy processing customer planning marketing, promotions, etc. , required within 20 days after the customer request.

14, if aluminum processing enterprises, customers itself for aluminum alloy users, after establish cooperation relationship with the client, the request to provide clients with use of guidance service within ten days, and be used in the process of customers to use tracking, once every quarter report to the leadership.

15, if aluminum alloy processing service personnel for words, behavior, service attitude, the improper service by customers complaints, damage the interests of the company and verify such a 0, issued a warning for the first time, the second is punished, the third cause for immediate dismissal.

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