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Aluminum alloy processing has been widely applied in many fields

by:Bofeng     2020-11-03

heat sink processing has been widely applied in many fields, fin processing new laser technology (today Shanghai) Co. , LTD. Small make up for your heat sink processing scope of the application in the industry.

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heat sink processing to heat sink materials, the heat conduction performance of each is different, according to the heat conduction performance from high to low, respectively is silver, copper, aluminum, steel. But if with silver for heat dissipation will be too expensive, so the best solution for the copper. Although aluminum much cheaper, but apparently thermal conductivity is better than copper.

at present commonly used heat sink material is copper and aluminum alloy, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The thermal conductivity of copper is good, but the price is more expensive, the processing difficulty is higher, the weight is too big, heat capacity is small, and easy to oxidation. Too soft, pure aluminum and cannot be used directly, are made of aluminum alloy can provide sufficient hardness, aluminum alloy has the advantage of low cost, light weight, but the thermal conductivity will be far worse than copper. CPU heat sink supplier suggest some radiator to each director, in the aluminum radiator embedded base with a piece of copper.

heat sink plays an important role in the composition of the radiator, in addition to the fan of active cooling, assess the stand or fall of a radiator, largely depends on the heat absorption and heat conduction ability of radiator itself.

heat sink processing in this paper, the heat sink is a kind of to electrical appliances used hot electron component cooling devices, much by aluminum alloy, brass or bronze plate, plate, sheet, etc. , more CPU in a computer, such as the central processor to use a considerable heat sink, power supply in TV tube, pipe, the power amplifier tube power amplifier device � with heat sink. Heat sinks in use in electronic components and heat sink interface is coated with a layer of thermal conductive silicone, make components more effective heat conduction to the radiator, send out in the heat sink into the surrounding air.

by heat sink processing new laser technology ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , small make up understanding, hope for your help.

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