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Aluminum alloy processing matters

by:Bofeng     2020-11-02
Aluminum alloy processing matters on

aluminum alloy according to surface treatment methods can be divided into the two types: paint and paint products. ( 1]

1) The paint products

1) Can be divided into the hammer aluminum plate ( Random patterns) , embossing plate ( Regular patterns) And passivation alumina surface processing board.

( 2) Such products on the sheet surface do not paint processing, to the appearance of the surface requirement is not high, the price is low.

2) Paint products

1) Categories:

according to the coating process can be divided into: spray board products and pre roller plate;

according to paint types can be divided into: polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, modified silicone, epoxy resin, fluorine carbon, etc.

( 2) A variety of coating, the main performance difference is the sunlight ultraviolet resistance, among them the most commonly used for fluorocarbon coating on the front ( PVDF) And its ability to resist uv strong; Can choose polyester or epoxy coating on the back as a protective lacquer. Additional positive still can put a layer of protective film can be torn off.

main technical performance requirements

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parameter name requests value

density ( kg/m)

elastic modulus (2705 kN /厘米)

6900 [thermal conductivity W/( m·℃) ] 214

[the longitudinal thermal expansion coefficient mm/( m·℃) ] 24 x 10

melting point ( ℃) 650

note: suitable for 3004 and 3015 aluminum manganese magnesium alloy

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