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Bored? Here's Three Productive Ways to Pass the Time

by:Bofeng     2020-05-19
Are you looking for a new hobby but don't want to waste time and money for something that was ultimately useless? Want to be productive as well as find something to kill hours of the day? A good hobby is one that doesn't just entertain you, but one that benefits your life in a variety of ways. The next time you're bored, pick one of these hobbies and get ready to have a productive (and enjoyable) time. Make like Tim Allen from Home Improvement Does everybody know what time it is? That's right - tool time is one of the most popular hobbies out there. Popularised by home improvement television shows and the relative easiness promoted by modern technology, this hobby's benefits are obvious. Not only are you killing some time, but the sense of accomplishment when you build a new piece of furniture, renovate the house or garden or repair something broken is overwhelming. If your house doesn't need any more bookshelves or cupboards, sell your wares and make some extra cash. Homemade craft is particularly desired in an era of mass production and consumption - so be creative! Boot up your IT skills In this highly computerised world we live in, knowledge in this area is sure to be helpful. If you've got an interest in technology, perhaps your new hobby should involve learning about hardware and software. From here, you can build your own computer, which is often cheaper and leads to better performance - plus, they are much easier to repair. You can also upgrade certain parts bit by bit rather than buying a whole new computer once it's outdated (which in the computing world is very often). You can also save money on tech support services and IT repairs. Learning about how your computer works is not only interesting, but it's beneficial to your life in so many ways. Fix things like a machine This is for all you motor enthusiasts: learning mechanics can not only help you in servicing and repairing your car instead of paying professionals to do it, but it can also be a rather fun and productive way to kill some time. If you've got the money for it, buy an old, cheap car and learn to repair it. Replace worn or broken parts, customise it, rebuild it and once you're done, you can resell it or keep it as a monument and reminder of your accomplishment. Learning mechanics doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Start with reading; get familiar with the language of mechanics, learn the parts of a car, what you should strive for, and what to avoid. Then, offer your services to a professional mechanic, perhaps as a part-time intern. Though you're not likely to be paid, you'll gain much more in experience.
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