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CNC machining can small batch production?

by:Bofeng     2020-10-30

now basically a private enterprise with independent research and development team need to do some hand, there are many enterprises will directly even do a batch of hand as a finished product for sale directly, you can choose to you when you do small batch of hand CNC hand-board processing way of production?

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in the new group laser panel factory processing way vacuum complex mode is used in the processing of small batch production, at the same time it has limitations on materials, the materials used on the toughness and heat resistance and CNC processing has a certain difference, have special requirements on the processed material, or in terms of heat or toughness demands higher will often go on to do machining.html' target='_blank'>CNC machining. < br />

the specific processing methods or depends on the specific purpose and structure of the product to do detailed assessment, if necessary please contact new lump laser panel factory

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