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CNC machining/model/what are the difference between 3 d printing?

by:Bofeng     2020-10-31
In industrial production, when after completion of a product design drawings, before entering the market will be an all aspects of the evaluation of new products, such as structure, performance testing, market forecast, and so on. So the standard is an indispensable step before new product launch. It can reduce the risk for you, to find problems in time and make changes, make your products more perfect.

usually small batch production standard process: CNC machining, silica gel complex mode, 3 d printing. The three processing methods is more widely used technology, can for the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical equipment, toys, household goods and other industries to provide standard prototyping services.

CNC, CNC machining ( 电脑数值控制) Equipment is a computer numerical control machine tool, it works according to the set of programming, using high speed rotating tool will be a piece of sheet cut into you need parts. CNC programming system at present is mainly Mastercam, UG, etc. , part programming tool path has not been able to develop automatic programming software, so is still need experienced teacher to design. This is why the CNC steel standard takes a relatively long one of the reasons. It also can not like 3 print, basic is full automatic production.

but the advantage of the CNC is also cannot replace the other two kinds of processing way.

( 1) A lot of material can CNC machining, including plastic material and metal material. ( Plastic, ABS, PC, PMMA, PP. 。 。 Metal: aluminum, copper, stainless steel. 。 。 )

( 2) CNC machining parts with smooth surface, has a variety of post-processing can choose.

( 3) The density of parts are best.

2, after die/vacuum infusion

after mould is to use the original template, silicone mold was produced under the vacuum state, and with plastic material under vacuum casting, rapid clone 10 - thereby 50 the same as the original copy. This method has the advantages of low cost, so it is suitable for small batch production. The making process of the complex mode is inseparable from the artificial, especially in the production of the silicone mold. Considering the different material will have a certain ratio of shrinking, so double mold master at the time of making mould and silicone requires special attention.

silicone membrane's main advantage is that can get small batch products at a lower cost, and basic similar to formal injection molding processing way, so if the product is need to use injection mold for mass production, might as well choose silicone membrane as standard test scheme.

3, 3 d printing

3 d printing is often referred to as material manufacturing, it is a kind of based on the digital model file, using the linear plastic, liquid, powder, resin material or metal powder material, to construct the object by means of step by step a print technology. Because there is no structure of 3 d printing/limit of the space, so the model slices ( Similar to the CNC programming steps) Completely can be done with software. The making process of the 3 d printing is the basic fully automatic, in addition to clean up the steps in the late.

3 d printing of the main advantages are:

1) Quickly, the speed of the same parts for SLA is a third of the CNC processing speed.

( 2) Without being limited by the space structure, can completely turn your design into entity. Tips: SLS3D printing is suitable for making hollow out oh.

( 3) 3 d printing can take several different parts in the same batch processing, reasonable arrangement of placement.

of course, there are also some sheet metal plank etc. I didn't mention here for sheet metal plank and CNC/film / 3 d printing processing principle and application range of planks used still have very big distinction, sheet metal plank mainly through bending, welding, laser cutting, and so on manufacture process, material is slants thin, such as common computer mainframe shell, drawer slides and large posters support steel and so on.

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