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CNC machining of the matters needing attention

by:Bofeng     2020-10-30

today CNC computer gongs machining small make up for you to understand to the CNC computer gongs matters needing attention.

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CNC computer gong machined part refers to the use of nc machining tool for the job. Index of the CNC control machine tool controlled by nc programming language, usually in the form of G code. Nc machining G code language told CNC machine tool USES the cartesian coordinates, and controls the tool feed rate and spindle speed, and the tool changer, coolant, etc. Nc machining relative manual processing has great advantages, such as CNC machining to produce parts very precise and repeatability. Nc machining process can produce manual can't complete with complex shape parts. Nc machining technology has been widely adopted, most of the machining with CNC processing ability, the typical machining workshop, the most common way of nc machining with CNC milling, CNC and CNC EDM wire cutting, Edm wire cutting cut) 。 For nc milling tool is called numerical control milling machine or numerical control machining center. To carry on the lathe of numerical control turning processing is called numerical control lathe work center. Can manual programming nc machining G code, but usually with CAM machining workshop ( Computer aided manufacturing) The software automatically reads CAD ( Computer aided design) File and generate G code program, to control the CNC machine.

CNC computer gongs processing note:

1. Take out from the rest take extra care when cutting tools, so as not to cut your fingers.

2。 Use without trial of nc program, do not let the machine for automatic operation.

3。 Rotation is still in the rotation, calibration coolant flow need to be very careful.

4。 In case of an emergency, press the red emergency button on the controller.

by CNC computer gongs processing small make up understanding, hope for your help.

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