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Dealing with 3 d printing customer complaints and complain about skills

by:Bofeng     2020-11-09

deal with 3 d printing customer complaints and complain about skills

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our service philosophy is 'customer satisfaction', based on quality, service, make customers have a better user experience.

3 d printing factory to handle customer complaints and complain techniques mainly include the following 7 points to note:

1, a little more patience

in actual processing, to patiently listen to 3 d printing the customer's complain, don't interrupt the customer's account, also don't criticize the shortage of the customer, but encourage customers to talk down to them to play a drain in the heart of discontent, when listened patiently to the customer and complain, after they got out of the meet, will be able to compare naturally listening to staff to explain and apologize.

2, better attitude

3 d printing customer complaints or complaints is to show the customer to the enterprise products and services are not satisfied, psychologically, they will feel they are mistreated him, and, therefore, if you don't friendly attitude in processing, will make them psychological feeling and mood is very poor, will worsen if relationship with the customer service staff sincere attitude, enthusiasm, politeness can reduce customer's mood. As the saying goes: 'anger is not dozen smiling face', modest and friendly attitude, would lead to customer solution mood, rationally and service personnel to negotiate to solve the problem.

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3, action quick

fast handle complaints and complain, then can let the customer feel respected, both said the enterprise the sincerity to solve the problem, three come just in time to prevent the customer negative pollution cause more damage to the enterprise, four to losses can be sincere to a minimum, such as parking, outage cost, and so on, generally received information from the customer complaints or complaints, or telephone or E-mail to the customer, understand the specific content, and then in the enterprise internal consultation good treatment scheme, the best reply to the customer.

4, appropriate language a bit

customer dissatisfaction with 3 d printing enterprise, in the words of anger statement could be language, if the service personnel and traded barbs, is bound to worsen relations to one another, explained the problem in the process, the phrase also pays much attention to, to be fair and reasonable, decent, the an don't say 'you understand, don't understand the most basic skills' and so on harm self-respect language, try to use indirect language to communicate with customers, even if the customer is not reasonable place, also don't be too impulsive, otherwise, will only disappoint customers and leave soon.

5, compensation more

3 d print customer complaints or complaints, largely because they are products of the enterprise, may damage their interests, therefore, after the customer complaints or complaints, often can hope to get compensation, the compensation may be material, such as replacement products, return of goods, or used after repair, etc. , can also be mental, such as apology, etc. , at the time of compensation, 3 d printing companies believe that there is a invoice to compensate to locate customer, should try to compensate for a bit more, sometimes is material and spiritual compensation at the same time, a little more than compensation, customers get an added bonus, they will naturally understand enterprise's sincerity and confidence to the enterprise.

6, higher level

customer complaints and complain after all hope to own and problems, tend to deal with these problems of the level of the staff will affect customer's looking forward to the mood to solve the problem. If the high-level leadership to personally handle the phone or in person to visit customers, will solve many customer complaints and dissatisfaction, more easy to cooperate with service staff in handling problem. So when handling complaints and complain, if conditions permit, should as far as possible to improve the level of service personnel to deal with problems, such as the company leadership to ( Worked as a department head or service personnel) To assist and so on.

7, way more

many enterprises to handle customer complaints and complain about the results, is to give their sympathy, apologize or give gifts, etc. , in fact, there are many ways to solution to the problem, in addition to the described on the way, can invite customers to visit the successful operation or customer without this problem, or invite them to participate in the enterprise internal discussion, or give them awards and so on.

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