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Desktop grade and industrial grade 3 d printers 'differences

by:Bofeng     2020-11-04
For the 'desktop' 3 d printers, could you understand enough, it is the individual consumer use simple 3 d printers. Industrial 3 d printer should all know, small make up is not to do too much explanation. I see a lot of friends in the Internet to ask, why desktop 3 d printer is so different from industrial 3 d printer? In fact the difference is one thousand and one hundred thousand is a concept with us. So let's detailed analysis the desktop level and industry differences of 3 d printers.

we are in a variety of large and small 3 d printers on display, we will see all kinds of 3 d printing equipment in operation, some plastic toys and crafts in printing, some in the production of bearing mechanical parts, such as metal material and printing irregular dental stent and other medical equipment. These devices, the price from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of millions, where is the difference? At the end of the day is not a value and function.

desktop 3 d printer, the main production with plastic material, generally cost between $1000 to $4000. Generally most of materials at about $100. Then we industrial level 3 d printers are different, the cheapest powder color printer was $30000, general metal printer is matches the price of large industrial equipment, hundreds of thousands of millions, it is very normal.

there is a difference between using area and function, 3 d printer mainly applied laser or high energy electron beam of high temperature, metal powder sintering or wire melting into to print the object chain scission, layers of accumulation. Computer controlled laser or electron beam, can print out the traditional complex precision machinery processing can't complete structure, compared with the traditional manufacturing 3 d printers on the material loss is small, also save the abrasive, traditional forging molding process.

level of desktop 3 d printer is mainly the use of ABS and PLA plastic wire, that no matter in the field of precision, speed, reliability, size, etc. , is a basic, can only meet the basic personal printing function. This is totally unmatched.

our new group laser industrial-grade SLA curing light 3 d printer USES the ultraviolet laser scanning curing liquid photosensitive resin to make a part one by one. Ultraviolet laser beams on the surface of the liquid resin scanning parts of cross section, under the beams of the liquid resin curing, curing step by step each cross section can obtain model parts, parts size from 100 mm to 1400 mm cover.

above all, today new laser has desktop level and industrial 3 d printers with everyone very thorough analysis, where the difference is obvious in obvious. Conclusion is, from the value, the use, application field, desktop level only in the human body alone, the range is 10, then industrial 3 d printers are in large industrial science and technology, the scope has reached such a degree of 100. It was already very image. Are there any questions, please feel free to consulting small make up. Our new regiment laser 3 d printing is a professional service companies. If you have need, please contact us.

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