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Effectively reduce the nylon print failure rate

by:Bofeng     2020-10-25
Nylon is not like PLA, a little success usually print beginning ability. According to the experience of rapid manufacturing processing services company usually has the following several reasons: 1.

Nylon print heads inappropriate

because nylon print temperature is very high, generally to 260 degrees, so the requirements for the print head is higher, the ordinary print head may be the reason because the firmware temperature limit and error, lead to can't heat up, or because the heating power is small, and not closed hardware, lead to rapid heat dissipation, temperature couldn't get on. Also, the V6 and MB of print head inside pipes are PTFE ( Are rarely PEEK)

2. Nylon insulation heat preservation effect is poor

printer printer look at the situation this problem, maybe you 3 d printing environment temperature is higher, and there is no air flow, it may heat preservation is good.

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3. Nylon printing plate heat bed

print nylon is need to open a hot bed, about 50 degrees or so. If using a glass floor, also need to coating glue, otherwise it is easy to become warped edge, unless it's the sort of high prices, according to become warped edge problem modified material, otherwise very easy to become warped edge.

can try the following solutions:

if is the problem that the print head is removable nipple, can consider to replace the module, the module is to print the nylon or other composite materials. The trouble if you don't want to change the printer head, can try Ultimaker nylon, they modified good, low temperature around 190 began to melt, 220 - degree heat preservation print no problem. Base plate, hot bed temperature plus, coated with glue, if not yet, you can try carbon silicon platform and other improved coated plate, in order to improve adhesion.

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