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Fabrication Sheet Metal

by:Bofeng     2020-09-16
Metal that has been formed in to flat thin pieces is known as sheet metal; it is one of the most important products needed for metalworking and is the ideal material to be used in fabrication. It can be manipulated by the metalworker being bent and cut into a variety of shapes. A lot of the everyday objects that you come across are actually fabricated using this. The thickness that this metal can be cut into varies greatly, however when cut extremely thinly it is often referred to as 'leaf' or 'foil' rather than sheet, whereas a thickness of over 6mm is often referred to as 'plate'.
It comes in a few different forms and can be purchased ready for fabrication in either a coiled strip or as a flat piece. To form the coil they have to run the strip of metal through a roll slitter, this coils the material.
When talking about the thickness of it, it actually has a specific title; Gauge (The gauge informs you of the products thickness) with the gauge ranging from about 8 gauge to 30 gauge, the lower the number the thicker the metal.
There are many different metals that can be cut into sheet metal including the following: Titanium, Aluminium, Nickel, Brass, Tin, Copper and Steel. Special metals like Platinum, Gold and Silver can also be done but these are usually saved for special decorative uses and can be very expensive.
If this is what you are looking for then have a search online and see what you can find.
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