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What is Bofong Rapid’s Business Registration Number?
Bofong Rapid’s Hong Kong business registration number is HK xxx.
How can I pay Bofong Rapid?
Bofong Rapid accepts payment in two ways:Bank to bank wire transfer. We have accounts in Hong Kong and Dongguan, China.We can send you a PayPal invoice and you can use your PayPal account or credit card to pay.
Can my company get credit with Bofong Rapid?
Rapid prototyping customers must pay in advance for the first three orders, after which we will consider giving 30 days credit. Except in very special cases, all tooling orders require a 50% deposit in advance. Typically the balance must be paid after T1 approval of samples.
What if I am not completely satisfied with the parts I receive?
We guarantee our materials and workmanship based on the terms of the initial order and the information provided by you. Any disputes based on a subjective determination shall be brought to the attention of management who will act in good faith to provide you with complete satisfaction. Our continuing business relies on earning your confidence in our ability to meet and exceed any reasonable expectations.
Does Bofong Rapid provide export molds?
Yes. However, we must explain that our tooling is manufactured to be compliant with our Modular Unit Dies (MUD). This means they are a uniform base size, so the customer must be prepared to receive tools in that size to fit into their own machines.
What are Bofong Rapid’s shipping terms?
Our standard terms are Ex Works (EXW) for rapid prototyping and regular production orders. This means the customer is responsible for shipping, customs clearance and all other associated fees once the goods have left our premises.
What is Bofong Rapid’s Import/Export Code for China?
Our import and export code for China is 4419xxxx.
How much import duty will I need to pay for my goods?
Import duties vary widely between countries, and are dependent on the type of good being imported.
Does Bofong Rapid insure delivered goods?
No, we do not insure deliveries. However, you are free to use your own insurance.
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