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Finding a CNC Milling Machine Shop

by:Bofeng     2020-05-06
Having your CNC machining in the right hands is important. Making sure the machine shop is competent, fair priced and can deliver is all part of finding a good deal. Here are the top ten things to consider and maybe ask your possible machine shop before you hand over you machining job. 1) Do they have well trained staff. Are they all qualified tradesman with at least a few years experience? 2) Is the machine shop well presented. Is it clean and tidy and looks organised? 3) Is the service and customer support friendly and prompt? 4) Can they provide testimonials to show their great service is just normal practice? 5) When you ring them up, are they ready to help and discuss your project with a keenness to have your custom? 6) Do they provide a detailed quote and an estimation on a time frame. Is the time frame realistic and also guaranteed? 7) Do they have registered company name and number, just to make sure they are a fully legitimate business? 8) Do they have a good quality control process. Do they use top quality measuring equipment, and is it calibrated regularly? 9) Is their machining centres and lathes good quality and well recognised brands to show they can output quality tolerances and surface finishes? 10) Do they have multiple payment facilities. Can you pay by internet banking, credit card, eftpos, cash and cheque? We always recommend some research just so your job isn't handed over to the wrong people and a dispute takes place.
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