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by:Bofeng     2020-09-17
These days three dimensional rendering and computer aided design has made prototyping a quick and easy process that is orders of magnitude fast than the old hand molded and sanded scaled models that designers and product developers used to take months to come up with. But once the transition needs to be made back to real world models that people can touch try and use a real model is still the best solution.
This is where a laser cutting service comes in. With the same CAD files that you use to render three dimensional models in virtual reality these services can cut real world models in record time out of a number of materials including wood and many metals. The precision of these tools is unmatched by anything a human can make by hand as they use a lot of the same software you already use to do three dimensional modeling and the levels of tolerance are amazingly precise. There are no mechanical parts being used in the process since this is a contact free form of cutting, only light hits the material to be cut, there is virtually no wear and tear on the source material. Also since there is no physical contact the surface finish and the quality of the cut are incomparable better to any other form of cutting available. Also lasers are excellent for cutting difficult to handle materials and can make cuts that hand machines cannot handle. You can also save source materials by letting the cutting machine decide how to arrange cuts to get the most finished pieces possible out of as few blanks as possible by fitting the cut pieces together virtually like a jigsaw puzzle.
Safety is another aspect where laser cutting services are unmatched. Since the entire process is automated and there is very little human interaction laser cutters are extremely safe, much more so than hand cutting and drilling devices where the chances of human error or mechanical failure make for a very dangerous environment for a worker to operate in. Most laser cutting machines are self contained and apart from placing the sheets of material and changing positions of the material for further cutting the operators are not really involved in the cutting process.
Current services can only cut two dimensional sheets but these are easily joined to make three dimensional models with very little turn around time. All the advantages make these tools the weapon of choice for companies and designers wanting to see their prototypes made real overnight.
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