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High Precision Machining - Marginalizing Bottom Lines

by:Bofeng     2020-05-13
In today's highly demanding industrial and technological scenario when every little bit is being done to reduce lot reductions that sharply trash down margin line productivity, precision engineering cannot be ignored as it brings up the requirement of high precision machining techniques. Precision engineering has touched almost every industry and each one of them needs precision parts to run their machining processes smoothly. Whether it is a textile mill, automotive industry, nuclear industry, aeronautical industry, paper & pulp industry or it is a power generation company, irrespective of the production techniques they apply, every product needs precision, ultimately requiring high precision machining for the final product, with tight tolerances being in microns. To aid all these industries CNC machining (Computer Numeric Control Machining) is programmable. Once the machine is setup & running, it performs the operation in quite automatic fashion, including inserting the drill in the spindle, triggering the spindle, placing the work-piece for drilling, machining the accurate hole and then turning off the spindle. CNC machining has improved machining processes for almost every industry and the ones that have especially benefited from it include metal removal and metal fabrication industry. For metal removal industry, replacing conventional machining techniques, CNC machining centers handle processes including face milling, contour milling, slot milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, counter boring as well as turning operations like facing, boring, turning, grooving, knurling and threading. CNC technology has transformed all types of grinding processes, including all types of OD - Outside Diameter grinding and ID - Internal Diameter grinding as well as the most typical Contour grinding (where grinding is quite similar to turning). For metal fabrication industry, where operations are majorly performed on thin plates, all the primary components are made of thin steel sheets. These emaciated steel sheets are sheared in measured proportions, holed and bent to form the final shapes. The key operations performed in metal fabrication include shearing, flame / plasma cutting, sheet punching, laser cutting, forming and welding. To perform these delicate operations, CNC centers apply back gauges to control the dimensions of the metal being sheared. Its precision lasers and plasma cutters are invariably used to derive plates into final shapes. The company whose operations involve producing high precision products (on a regular basis, in huge quantities) requires ISO certification to be able to produce each inventory repeatedly in same levels of accuracy as specified by the client company. Usage of cutting edge technology and an extremely efficient staff can provide the desired results, ensuring that clients receive what they actually need.
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