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Hobby Designers Meet Manufacturing

by:Bofeng     2020-08-21
Hobby 3D designers have been around for quite a few years. They've been around since the start of 3D software actually. These designers work through various computer softwares to create 3D images and animations. These images and animations consist of virtually anything these modelers want them to be. It could be a character design, it could be a spoof of an old TV show, it could be a prop to an animation; these artists can create a virtual picture of anything, in 3D. This industry has been a professional one since the early 90's. Someone had to create the graphics that went into computer solitaire right? Big companies like Blizzard had 3D artists creating images since the mid-late 90's, and it's interesting to see how far the 3D graphics have advanced. However, not all artists work with these large corporations and companies. Some artists do it just for fun. They enjoy creating things, and they enjoy seeing visualizations of certain things. What I'm going to talk about will really amp the creation motivation for these artists. I'm going to talk to you about 3D printing.
3D printing is an advanced form of manufacturing that calls for the creation of almost any shape, organic or not, out of a wide variety of materials. This process is very complex, but simple at the same time. Let me elaborate. For a piece to be manufactured through 3D printing, it first must be designed on the computer. That is where the hobbyist (or professional) designers come into play. These designers will mock up products, doodads, and character models that can be manufactured. The designs of these characters, doodads, or products will then be sent to a 3D printing machine, known as a 3D printer. This machine will then assemble a physical model based off of the design received. These machines work in a variety of methods such as laser cutting, melting, and ultraviolet sensitive resins, but we don't have to go into the complex aspects of 3D printing right now. When a 3D printer receives the model, it will create it... in a matter of hours; one model at a time. This method of manufacturing doesn't involve outsourcing work to China or Taiwan, it doesn't involve molds, it is just a simple form of manufacturing. (even if the process is very complex) In a nutshell, a hobbyist designer makes a design, he or she sends it to a 3D printer, and the printer will create the design through 3D printing. That's it!
For hobbyist designers that enjoy dabbling with creations, this is great! 3D printing allows for a new way to 'dabble' in a sense. The small projects being worked on can be turned into real life physical models. This process isn't expensive; it is much faster, and much easier to design for than traditional methods. This process will put the power of creation into the hands of hobbyist designers out there. They are already working to 'create' images, why not let them actually create real, physical models?

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