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Household level 3 d printers, and what is the difference between industrial grade 3 d printer?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-08
In the 3 d printer development over the years, industrial-grade 3 d printer, desktop household level is less, with 3 d printing trend emerging in recent years, desktop 3 d printer to flow into the domestic market. And the difference mainly have six aspects: 1)

printing precision due to the console only FDM, SLA two technologies, statistically, industrial machine and console, minimum resolution of FDM is decided by the size of the print to squeeze exports, mostly in 0. 3 - 0. Between 6 mm, thickness is determined by the Z axis, due to the console multi-purpose stepper motors, industrial servo motor, 3 d printer is used in the actual printing process to avoid the step leads to distortion of precision, etc.

2) Print speed

print speed is another important difference to distinguish the industrial machine and the console, because of the limitation of the console on cost with 16 - and 32-bit chips as the main control chip, the data is difficult to compare with 64 - bit CPU processing speed, due to the precision on the FDM, the difference is not big, but the former scanning speed on the SLA technology up to 1 m/SEC, while the latter can be up to 7 m - 15 m/SEC.

3) Print support design and remove

print quality support and printing the entity can be divided into parameter design is the most important symbol to distinguish the industrial machine and the console, why? Because industrial machine is applied in the field of practical production, for the last print has a high control requirements, to the effect of using the console's friends know, FDM and SLA equipment, due to the support and the entity is not distinguish, in the process of printing printing support after the strip is a very uncontrollable factor, finally tends to cause the failure of stripping, destroy the entity. Industrial machine is a fundamental solution to the problem.

4) The print size is an important indicator to distinguish the household and industrial printers

in general, support the print size, the greater the printer price is more expensive. If you need a can print the size of a microwave oven, 3 d printers. Now in the market most of the domestic 3 d printers, can only be pretty small.

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industrial printer to print volume is very big, general to suitable for large-scale production. But in turn, the volume of big lead to increase system complexity exponentially, the cost of materials increase, testing, installation, transportation, and high maintenance cost,; Especially in keeping the reliability of the premise, basically every parts of indicators are more demanding, can guarantee the machine printing precision and stability. These factors can exponentially improve printer cost. Other industrial printer is not as simple as printer design, general and all about the compliance ( 合规) Designed to conform to the requirements of different industries.

5) Print reliability

print reliability, popular, is to print the success rate. Print the success rate is the true test of a design team capability index, and to distinguish one of the important indices for desktop and industrial level 3 d printers, after all, industrial-grade printer is used for mass production. Printing process is usually long, generally at least a few hours, and as long as there is a detail not handle, print even if failed. Now even the industry's most stable home 3 d printers, print the success rate is only 70%. Can do almost 100% success rate of industrial machine printing, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the comprehensive cost including manpower, time, etc.

6) Since the printing process of detection

based on the cost and volume, printing process on the console almost no automatic calibration and testing function, and the design is the standard of industrial machine.

overall household desktop 3 d printer and printer technology based on cheap FDM, mainly involves a small number of SLA; As 3 d printing equipment covered the SLA, SLS, SLM, DLP and FMS all industry fields.

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