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How 3D Printing Dominates Other Forms Of Manufacturing

by:Bofeng     2020-08-23
3D printing is a growing industry that is affecting the world today. This technology is a form of manufacturing that sticks out from other traditional forms of manufacturing due to the feats that it can accomplish. 3D printing is a form of manufacturing that isn't like CNC cutting, it isn't assembled, and it isn't mold manufactured. This technology allows for the creation of very abstract shapes that many forms can't create. For example, a 3D printer has the capability to create a high detailed print of something with the shape of a Christmas tree. You may think that this isn't a big deal, but it is a large feat in the manufacturing world. With CNC cutting, there is a limit to how products can be developed. CNC cutting involves the cutting down of a block of a certain material at a variety of axes. With 3D printing, there aren't axes to worry about; virtually any shape can be formed unlike CNC.
Mold manufacturing can compete with 3D printing on shapes, however 3D printing can be easily created on a small scale. If you were to attempt to order 3-5 parts from a mold manufacturer, the owner would charge you a ridiculous rate or firmly turn your order down. With 3D printing, 1-2 models could be created at a time.
Assuming the product is developed correctly, fully functional parts can come out of 3D printers. For example, EOS created a mechanical snake-like model, as well as a product that had moving gears on it - in one print. Puzzle like pieces are often created which astound many engineers who are new to the technology.
Another great aspect of this technology known as 3D printing would be the variety of materials to choose from. Sure there are a variety of materials to choose from. There is almost an abundance of variety in material choices right now. Over 50 materials exist when it comes down to manufacturing products. The option of creating products in gold or silver is available. Perhaps you might be interested in jumping into strong thermoplastics such as ABS plus. Maybe you just need an inexpensive but effective detailed part like white nylon. Maybe you're in the product development business, and you need functional snap on parts? Perhaps you're looking to print mechanical parts for engineering purposes. Some people even use materials such as full color sandstone to create landscapes and subdivisions to present to investors. The variety of materials is huge!
Aside from having the ability to create abstract shapes, fully functional parts, or products out of a variety of materials, artists have the ability to create very fine detailed pieces. Miniature models have an edge when they move through the 3D printing process. Jewelry also is used quite often through 3D printing. It is difficult to create heavily detailed miniature products at such a small scale through traditional methods. Regardless of what you think about other forms of manufacturing, it isn't deniable that 3D printing is beginning to gain momentum. This technology is already starting to affect multiple industries and the 3D world we live in.

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