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How Glass CNC Machining Works

by:Bofeng     2020-05-01
CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines evolved from numerically controlled machines developed to create precision rotor blades for helicopters in the 1950s. In the early 1970s, these machines began to be controlled by computers running programs to operate the various motions of the milling tools. Basically, glass CNC machining automates everything a human operator would have to do to manually mill a piece of glass via information input into the CNC program. Then, the machine replicates with great precision each action to mass produce milling or cutting of glass at a rate and accuracy that cannot be duplicated by a human operator. Motion Control with CNC Machining Glass CNC machining utilizes at least two-and as many as four-directions of motion that can be directly programmed by the software. These are called axes. An axis may be a linear direction or circular. The more potential axes a CNC machine is capable of, the more complex and expensive the machine is. Axes are usually designated by letters. Typically, linear axis are designated X, Y, and Z. Circular or rotary axis are normally A, B and C. Software for CNC Programming The computer program utilized in glass CNC machining is written in a language called G-Code. The program issues instructions to stepper motors that convert electronic signals into highly accurate mechanical movements that guide the milling tool. The format of the language is configured in sentences and the CNC controller executes the instructions sequentially, one step at a time. A series of words specific to CNC programming communicate to the milling or cutting machine what it's supposed to do. The words are based on letter addresses that represent certain functions like feedrate and spindle speed, for example. The desired axis motion is indicated by A, B and C or X, Y and Z. Grouped together in a particular sequence, CNC words compose a command that can be compared to a sentence the CNC controller 'reads.' Most glass CNC machines can be programmed to perform complex milling and cutting operations with glass utilizing a total of 50 common CNC words. Execution of Glass CNC Control The CNC control reads the program and executes the commands to the milling tool, actuating the required functions, driving axis motion and following all instructions in the program. Programs can be edited if errors are encountered by the CNC control and dry runs can be executed to verify the program before actual production begins.
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