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How much do you know five advantages of silicone compound die?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-03
Silica gel complex mode is based on the rubber material integration means new manufacturing techniques. It is important performance over the past 20 years in the field of manufacturing. It is a combination of mechanical engineering, cade, ring, engineer technology, manufacturing technology, digital control technology, materials science, and laser technology. This is new design product, it is a kind of automatic direct the design idea of a special feature of direct manufacture or the transformation of the proletariat and high precision parts production and new design of the models of products. Silica gel complex mode which will provide effective and cheap means. The use of three dimensional CD data is through the pull the ball a typewriter, the type of the solid material layer stack.

silicone compound die a lot of people to pull the ball type technology do not understand a lot. This is a known as bottom screw type of technology ( RPM) 。 It has a history of more than 30 years. This is a material integration means of new technology. As with planks rubber screw laser material, material is melt after the sord model of savings. Can change directly with the hand 3 d which is part of the rotation of the screw, is the low cost of high speed. Processing method and the bottom screw technology is characterized by what?

main silicone compound die because of two kinds of processing methods, in order to pull the ball type technology.

1。 The process of hardening beam screw. Is the use of light materials of powder hardening materials. As most of the plastic, nylon material, transparent PC and PCMM light hardening material used. Hardening material has the advantage of light, a lot of material is suitable for the customer, can also be used for processing light some big plastic products quickly. The quality of the product is not high.

2。 According to the selected laser sintering and injection method. In laser material is used in the photosensitive resin gel technology. Laser beam technology requirements and a plank, but the precision of the correct and smooth surface.

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five advantages of silica gel model to pull the bottom screw

first of all, in hand to pull the ball before, in the process of maturity is higher, after time precipitation.

2. No need to process or three-dimensional structure model, can be rapidly, forming a not two processing.

3, can handle a complex complex hanbood model of stamping technology,

4, pull the bottom screw technology can realize automatic production network and other computing technology.

5, the 3 d graphics visual model, improve the model precision, reduce errors.

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