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How to make rapid prototyping do better

by:Bofeng     2020-11-05
Rapid prototyping is the first step to verify the product feasibility, later also can advance the investigation visit, so many companies in new product development will make a rapid prototyping, however, rapid forming is a university asked, if not careful, can appear a lot of problems, so how to make their own rapid forming do better is important

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1, first of all, to confirm what is their needs, before looking for rapid prototyping process is to have a certain knowledge of hand-board model processing, know what they want with planks. Only when your heart is very understand, in the production of rapid prototyping, to achieve the best;

2, his heart know this is the first thing to do, and is to how to make hand of their products have a certain understanding, so at this time you can find on the Internet about this aspect of knowledge, this is has great benefits for rapid prototyping, so if you want to make their own rapid prototyping has very good effect, it is necessary;

3, finally have a good communication with processing personnel, this also is necessary. Because of the rapid prototyping of the factory workers, they must have a general processing concept, it is hard to change. So in hand, can put your own ideas to tell them, so they would know what you do rapid prototyping to effect.

is the first step to verify the product feasibility of rapid prototyping, is the most direct and effective way to find out product design defect, until rapid prototyping have no problem to open mold as the basis. Usually need to small batch model to test for checking the products, merchants, and even when mass production assembly difficulty level in the future. Therefore, rapid prototyping manufacture is very important, should spend some of idea on it.

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