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How to solve the four big challenge precision model

by:Bofeng     2021-04-06
Precision model of the four major challenges: diversification, non-standard, small batch and customization

has held the 'seminar' the precision model of the Shanghai site, rapid manufacturing service companies believe that the way of facing the industrial transformation and upgrading, the main four big challenge: the application of diversification, non-standard products, small batch and niche products and customized products. How to face to face with the four major challenges, accelerate the development of technology and products to the ground become the current problems.

in rapid manufacturing services company, in the process of industrial market intelligence, the realization of the technology and products is particularly important, not only is the impact on the concept of the tuyere. Precision model in the industrial market has more than 20 years of experience, for most applications have enough experience and understanding. Future, rapid manufacturing service company will through differentiation solution, face to face with industrial model market four big challenges, including: intelligent and one-stop services; The efficiency and quality of the ascension again; Solutions and cooperation; Precision model customization.

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diversity is one of the characteristics of a precision model market is particularly significant, generally a broad categories below cover a very small application, lead to products is difficult to form a standardized, that is, a product can only for a certain application and a customer demand, the market demand for products of small batches. In this case, manufacturer of precision model of cost control requirements are relatively high, lead to rapid samples to small batch products provide customized business solutions. A product from the definition to the development, rapid sample, mass production, market, intermediate go through many steps, of course, the cost is high, some will reach millions, if the demand is very little, sustainability and return on investment to the businessman also had a great challenge.

rapid manufacturing services company's advantage in where? Rapid manufacturing services company has quite understand to precision model application, has complete product process line and technological layout, thus able to integrate the needs of different customers. Can make precise model adapted to the needs of different customers. Without having to worry about the quality and efficiency, customer customers only when making precision model can make a decision.

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