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Improve the success rate of 3 d printing hand-board model

by:Bofeng     2020-11-05
3 d printing printing model, how to do a better print effect? A few practical tips for 3 d printing model print success rate is higher. < br /> the new laser summed up the following tips, you can better master and use, valid for 3 d printing higher success rate. < br /> a, their own design to print the base as far as possible, avoid to use in the design of support materials, while support with algorithms over time has been progress, but support material after removing marks is ugly is still on the model, and the process of removing can be very time-consuming. As far as possible in the absence of support materials design with the help of your model, it can be 3 d printing directly. < br /> 2, know the details of your model, check some tiny projections or parts because is too small to use desktop 3 d print model? In your printer, there is an important and often overlooked variables, that is the line width. Line width is determined by the diameter of the printer nozzle, most of the printer has a diameter is 0. 4 mm or 0. 5 mm nozzle. In fact, 3 d printers painted circle, size will be twice the line width. < br /> 3, remember to 45 degrees of law, any more than 45 degrees protrusions need extra support materials or sophisticated modeling techniques to complete the model to print, design your own support or link objects ( A cone or other supporting materials) And to design them into your model. < br /> 4, adjust the printing direction to appropriate precision, forever with the resolution of the feasible direction for your 3 d print model print direction. If necessary, the model can be cut into several blocks to print, and then reassembled. < br /> 5, adjust the direction of the print, according to sources of pressure force exerted on the model, we need to keep the model will not damaged. Make sure you print direction to reduce the stress concentration in some areas, we can adjust the direction of the print to print the line perpendicular to the stress model. The same principle can be applied to commonly used to print on large models of ABS resin, in the process of printing, the large models may be because of the on the print table cooling cracks along the Z axis direction.
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