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In 2019, 3 d printing industry market prospects and investment research reports

by:Bofeng     2020-10-26
To increase material manufacturing industry, by 2020, increasing material manufacture industry sales revenue exceeds 20 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate in more than 30%. Hand in hand with the development of key core technology reached the international level, basic meet the demand of industry application process equipment, significantly improve the ecological system construction, realize large-scale applications in some fields, international development capacity improved significantly. In the future, prospects for 3 d printing industry development in our country is as follows:

1) 3 d printing industry regulation and industry standardization development

with the rapid development of industry, industry entered a new development stage, regulation continued ascension. The future to promote industry standards development and maintenance of market order, a number of blockbuster policies.

( 2) Intelligent 3 d printing and convenient

as 3 d printing technology is more and more widely applied to clothing, design, production, life users a better experience, promote the technology to more generally. Intelligent equipment, convenient to popularize is guaranteed.

( 3) 3 d printing to add material manufacturing technology to accelerate the convergence technology

a new round of worldwide science and technology and industrial revolution is, the world will increase material manufacture in succession as the new growth point of industrial development, promote increase of material manufacturing technology and information network technology, new material technology, accelerate the integration of new design concept.

( 4) Generalized

3 d printing in science education, industrial manufacturing, product innovation, industrial arts, etc have widely application prospect and huge commercial value, at the same time, 3 d printing technology to the direction of low cost, high precision, high performance.

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