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Industrial 3 d printers commonly used six material, you know?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-08

today's era of rapid development, 3 d printing technology is driving the development of science and technology, but 3 d printing the real advantage lies in its printed materials. I believe that everyone should know, 3 d printing materials are the important material basis for the development of 3 d printing, to some extent, the development of material and innovation determines whether 3 d printing can have a wider range of application and larger development space. Our new regiment of what materials are commonly used in laser 3 d printing, what materials made a great contribution to 3 d printing? Follow the below small make up take a look at our 3 d printers commonly used six industrial material is which.

1, 3 d printing polymer materials

this is a 3 d printing is widely used polymer industry -- Acrylonitrile, although 3 d started to move in the direction of metal materials, polymer but also over a period of time become the dominant material in this market. This is beyond dispute.

2, engineering plastic

might not be familiar with everyone on this, we say that the engineering plastic, is used as industrial industrial plastic parts or shell material, with high strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, high hardness and aging resistance, etc, can normal deformation temperature over 90 ℃, for mechanical processing, painting and plating. Engineering plastics, of course, is the wide application of 3 d printing materials, is also our luen Thai of commonly used 3 d printing. Common with acrylonitrile Butadiene - Styrene copolymer ( ABS) , polyamide ( PA) And polycarbonate ( PC) , polystyrene sulfone ( PPSF) , polyether ether ketone ( PEEK) And so on. Three, biological materials

then we some future 3 d printing biological materials including thermal chromium polylactic acid, nylon 11, flexible or soft poly (lactic acid) (PLA), poly (lactic acid) (PLA) biological rubber, straw and bamboo base of biological materials, and laybrick. Hot chromium PLA filament under temperature change color changes; Flexible nylon 11 or soft poly (lactic acid) (PLA) and poly (lactic acid) (PLA) has a high degree of flexibility; Straw and bamboo base material with low cost advantage. Four, metal materials

about the metal material is applied to the dentist more medical industries, such as the main titanium, aluminum, chromium, cobalt, etc, by revenue and market share below 30%. Airlines will become the main driving metal materials using growth areas. Five, polymer gel

polymer gel has good intelligence, 3 d printers for our industry plays a huge role, sodium alginate, cellulose, such as plant and animal glue, peptone, polyacrylic acid polymer gel materials used for 3 d printing. Them in a certain temperature and under the action of the initiator, crosslinking agent, after polymerization to form special reticular polymer gel products. Such as ionic strength, temperature, electric field and chemical changes, the volume of gel will change accordingly, used for shape memory material. The gel swelling or shrinkage volume change, used for sensing materials; Gel mesh of controllable and can be used for intelligent drug release material. Six

ceramic materials, ceramic materials and industrial essential in 3 d printing material, it has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistant, low density, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and other excellent features, such as in aerospace, automotive, biological industry has a wide range of applications. Due to the characteristics of hard and brittle ceramic materials, of course, make its shaping especially difficult, especially complex ceramics parts by mold to take shape. Mold processing and high cost, long development cycle, it is hard to meet the demand of the products constantly updated, believe in the near future will overcome.

this is our commonly used six industrial 3 d printer material, of course there are other materials such as, color gypsum material, artificial bone, cell biological material for 3 d printing play an important role. 3 d printing technology development, is now with the medicine. Tissue engineering, combining to make greater contributions to the development of science and technology together we look forward to the future of 3 d printing technology can go further. New hope that through in this paper, laser can bring certain inspiration and help.

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