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by:Bofeng     2020-04-29
This technology is also used by the sculptors in order to achieve complicated shapes for display in any exhibition of fine arts. Rapid prototype creates 3D models with the help of virtual designs from animation modeling software or computer-aided design, which helps in transforming the design into thin layers, virtual and horizontal cross sections until the entire model is complete and all these can be done with the help of additive manufacturing technology present in rapid prototyping. With the use of this particular technology the virtual image can be easily transformed into the physical model. o The additive manufacturing technology helps the machine to read data from computer aided design and builds the model with the help of layers of liquid, powder and sheet material. Various cross sections are used while building up the model. The layers are combined with the virtual cross section automatically to get the final shape. o The biggest advantage of the rapid prototype fabrication is that it is able to form or create any type of geometric feature or shape. o The stereo lithography helps in the formation of the accurate shape of any object with the usage of triangular facets and aims at quality production. o The models can be constructed within hours instead of days. The time depends on the complexity of the object to be created or the type of machine used. It definitely takes lesser time than the usual digital data or 3D. o The technique of solid freeform fabrication uses two types of materials, the part material and the support material, which is later removed with a solvent, by water or by heat. o There are 3D printers present in the rapid prototype machine that helps the manufacturers or the designers in the rapid development of the production. o It helps the manufacturers by detecting the flaws and errors beforehand and thereby reduces the cost of re-work. It gives the right and clear concept of the idea and plan that is supposed to be implemented by the manufacturers. o Rapid prototype helps in the construction of the prototype at a very low cost in a very short period of time. The prototype is almost similar to the actual product and it is created by the cross sections and forming layers in the free space until the model is prepared. o It is beneficial for the implementation of new ideas and plans for the manufacturers and used in a short production cycle, where the time is very limited and the task is to be finished at a low capital investment.
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