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Rapid mold how to do proper after-sales service policy

by:Bofeng     2021-04-07
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how to do proper after-sales service strategy refers to the rapid mold enterprise according to the business objectives, market environment, product features and user demand, only for rapid mould certain customer services to provide specific services, this strategy is suitable for rapid mould enterprises to adopt generally. These companies due to the limitation of manpower, material resources, financial resources, in order to control the production cost and service cost, can only provide appropriate for most consumers the best after-sales services. Or service costs of the product and price will be increased significantly, product sales and enterprise economic benefits tends to decline. Owing to the after-sales service policy only provides consumers, proper after-sales service project proposed by the other services, comprehensive services so that consumers do not have hope, feelings of resentment, even a strong dissatisfaction might buy competitors products and lead to product sales, market share and economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, this strategy only in terms of consumers on product quality and price, do not attach great importance to product after-sales service, and service projects and there is not much content can be used. Some garment factories, shoe is to use the service strategy.

all in all, proper after-sales service strategy has the advantage that can effectively reduce and control the cost of production and services, will quickly mold enterprise limited manpower, material resources and financial resources into the development and production areas, so as to expand the production scale, develop the rapid mould market, defect is likely to cause customer dissatisfaction, weaken the competitiveness.

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as a result, the use of this strategy, the need to carefully determine the service project. Service content and service object, at the same time, along with the rapid mould enterprise strength and market demand changing strategy timely to improve after-sales service.

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