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Rapid tooling is brand building through small batch trial production products

by:Bofeng     2020-10-26
First, rapid mold brand is a kind of visual symbol, called symbol and logo etc after propaganda enterprise brand part of but not fast mold brand is all about. Rapid mold enterprise symbol and logo can change with the development of the enterprise and to, but accumulating fast mold brand value. Second, the product/service is rapid mold constitute the core and basis of the brand, but only the product quality or service is not equal to have rapid mold brand, product/service is rapid mold basic functional elements in the composition of the brand value. Then, rapid mold brand is a kind of higher than the added value of products, it contains the emotional and cultural things. Rapid tooling users through the use of the product/service brand value can express their personal value proposition or personal image of social values. The brand a promise, it is a kind of aeriform contract relationship, is the ultimate promise of rapid mould factory to the customer, she represents the persistent customer trust relationship.

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rapid manufacturing services companies continued to build customer trust brand of rapid tooling and persistence and effort!

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