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Rapid tooling

What Is Rapid Tooling And What Are Its Advantages

Rapid Tooling is the result of the unison of Rapid Prototyping techniques with conventional tooling practices in order to produce a mold quickly. This process, as well, is used to prepare parts of a functional model from CAD data in less time and at a lower cost. The cost is low in comparison to the traditional machining methods. To be precise, Rapid Tooling can serve as a channel to production injection molded parts.


Either, Rapid Tooling brings to use a Rapid Prototyping model as a pattern, or uses the Rapid Prototyping services directly so as to fabricate a tool for a limited quantities of prototypes. As it cannot be denied that expensive tooling cost is fair only if the volume of production is high. Actually the way to produce tooling quicker and in a cost effective manner where small manufacturing quantity is concerned, Rapid Tooling comes as a resort.

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