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The Reaction Makes All the Difference

Reaction injection molding and plastic injection molding have almost the same name, so even experienced engineers and designers might think they are the same. But “reaction” signals a big difference.


Unlike plastic injection molding, RIM molding techniques utilize low-viscosity liquid polymers in thermoset – not thermoplastic or thermoforming – processes. Through a variety of chemical reactions, these polymers expand, thicken, and harden only after they’re injected into the heated mold, accommodating much more intricate designs than ordinary plastic injection molding.


Raw materials and reaction injection molding techniques can be selected and even customized to precisely deliver desired weight, strength, density, and hardness characteristics. The result is large polyurethane parts with a much lighter weight than those created by more commonplace processes.


We are happy that we’ve ordered the parts with Bofong. They really did a good job by helping us make a brilliant dream into a ready prototype.

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