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World Class Rapid Prototyping And Low volume production Services

At Bofong Rapid Ltd, our mission is to making the international level finest parts and products for our great clients all over the world.  We are providing a full range service for all prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, metal fabrication,3D printing and vacuum casting services. With years experience, we are one of the best rapid prototype maker in South China.  You are welcome to send us your 3D file at anytime and our customer service engineer will provide you with a free quote shortly.

Low Volume production

We do more than you think! We also can process low-volume manufacturing for various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical and more.


Our wide range of low-volume production processes include CNC machining, rapid tooling, pressure die casting, and aluminum and plastic extrusion.

Rapid Prototyping

For some small quantity parts,say 1-300 pieces, we can made quickly by using our rapid prototyping processing service.  You will get beyond what you can expect from us!

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