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Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools - Basic Hand Cutting Tools

by:Bofeng     2020-09-08
Even in this modern day, some basic hand tools are still very must for sheet metal work, no matter a small metal shop or a large one. You should purchase your own set of hand tools and practice using them until you are very proficient. Once you reach that point, metal fabrication work can be a very satisfying and productive work!
>> Sheet Metal Cutting Tools
1) Hand Shears
Hand shears are powered either electrically or pneumatically. They can cut even very touch steels. Operation manual always come with your hand shear tool, so be sure to read them thoroughly before starting your operation. Hand shears are most often used to blank out sheet metal, which is the process to cut the general shape for the piece to be formed.
You should get a professional grade heavy duty electric hand shear for high speed cutting and trimming of metals. Some can cut up to 150 inches per minute on a no. 14 gauge steel. The cutting head can swivel 360 degree for straight, sideways or angled cutting position. Electric hand shears can save you many hours of time and they make very long and precise cuts, either curved or straight.
2) Snips
Snips look like scissors, however they are very heavy duty and are the most common cutting tools in sheet metal fabrication work. You will need at least three pairs of snips: left cutting, right cutting and straight cutting.
3) Files
Files are used to smooth out the cut edge you make on metals. They are just used as often as any other hand tools in metal shops. There are so many types of files available, usually classified by shape, length and cut.
4) Power Drill
Power drills can be powered either electrically or pneumatically, you should choose one which you have easy access to the power source. The parts of a power drill include the handle, an on/off trigger with safety latch, a reversing switch for changing the rotation direction of the drill bit, a torque adjustment, and the chuck that holds the drill bit in place.
Good power drills are must haves for sheet metal work. The main thing is to get one with a 3/8 inch chuck, and with some high quality drill bits. Power drills require little maintenance but can be damaged by improper use, such as using the wrong drill bit or tip, which can lug down and damage the motor.

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