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Silicone compound mould process which good?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-04

silicone mold process which is better. In recent years, with the government attaches great importance to the silica gel model to process development, actively introduce and develop the silicone molding company which cheapness project. New laser science and technology, the author learned that, about the silicone mold process which is better 'topic, has been an interesting place. New laser technology editor based on the knowledge of professional knowledge, to details of the professional content silicone compound die for you.

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silicone vulcanizing agent: unlike many rubber, silicone belongs to the rubber of saturated, so it is with a lot of rubber vulcanizing agent is a little different, can't use the sulfur curing system. Common vulcanizing agent is peroxide, generally using pairs of 2. 5 or double 2. 4 depending on the vulcanization process. PS: the influence factors of the silicone products, Discussed from the aspects of raw material) : vulcanizing agent pairs of 2. 5 for smell great, such as is not commonly used in foreign countries, and Q because there is no proper stabilizer and sometimes difficult to meet the requirements, it is recommended to use a C - 8 a and HT - 1 as collocation, dosage of 0, respectively. 7 and 1, performance, significantly improve the Q glue of existing problems in the above views are for reference only.

the same pieces of thermal conductive silicone material, internal structure, or the control of the production process is different, the difference of coefficient of thermal conductivity is very big, sometimes when the difference coefficient of thermal conductivity is big, the price also is not the same. What determines the price of the thermal conductive silicone piece? Brand: regardless of industry, the brand products prices is higher than general products, imported products prices generally higher than domestic products. Three, the purchase quantity: if the enterprise is a large number of purchasing thermal conductive silicone piece, that is wholesale price, if is a person to buy the price wants relatively a few more expensive.

silica gel point plastic cloth and plastic point difference between plastic cloth, plastic cloth is divided into two parts, one is the point of plastic second, cloth, plastic is a kind of process, add up to is some plastic on the cloth. Points are shaping is on the cloth plastic or silica gel, the purpose is usually slippery. Sometimes, of course, also had a beautiful effect. Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental degradation, tactility is soft, flexible is better than plastic, has high mechanical strength, aging resistance is relatively better, non-slip, shock, elastic, insulation, resistance to tear and fade: silica gel, plastic is poor. Combustion performance aspects: silica gel non-flammable, does not produce harmful substances, plastic flammable, produce harmful substances.

that is about the content of the 'important silicone mold process' for details. A new laser technology ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. Is specialized in smart silicone compound die, rolling over silica gel, hand silicone mold, silicone mold, hand-board model, etc. And new laser technology adhere to the 'elite team to shape culture and enterprise culture training employees, to employees to create brand, to manage the high-quality goods to promote development, the pursuit of efficiency, scale extension to corporate benefit talent' the management objective, positively to the 'has become China's, has the world's advanced level of hand-board silicone compound mould manufacturer' development goals. Learn more company details, please call our hotline: 13816487335. Waiting for you, will be more opportunities and development! < br />

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