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Silicone mold and the silicone compound mould are the same?

by:Bofeng     2020-11-03
Silica gel mould manufacturing is the most simple method for rapid tooling has good elasticity and repeat performance. The silicone replication model products don't affect the dimensional accuracy.

it has good segmentation ability, can be directly pouring, and don't have to be divided into upper and lower two modes.

again by cutting off due to parting line to remove button.

there are three kinds of the production of silicone mold way: coated, brush and perfusion model.

and silica gel complex mode refers to using the original template in vacuum production of silicone rubber mold, under the condition of vacuum casting with PU material, so as to duplicate the original model of the same sample.

this technology with its high speed, low cost, greatly reduce the cost of product development, cycle and risk.

after mold materials: products of domestic and imported PU, PU, PU, PU transparent soft steel, ABS, PP, PC, high temperature resistant ABS.

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