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Small batch production is widely used in medical industry

by:Bofeng     2020-10-27

Beijing didn't several hand-board factory is a professional proofing equipment, make a lot of medical enterprise at the time of making hand either in terms of quality to make concessions, either on the time limit for a project to make concessions. But whatever the concessions, to the end customer is not satisfied.

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and hand proofing of the finished product in the last directly affect the company's publicity, let many medical enterprise is not satisfied.

Beijing li had ever been this upset a member of the public, Mr Li in Beijing, a famous medical equipment working class company, companies often will launch a new medical device products. And these new medical apparatus and instruments in the propaganda will need to make medical hand-board model show, but in Beijing to find several hand-board model factory to the quality of the products there are some unsatisfactory place, some rough appearance, a look, it is not fine, some work is ok, but need a price comparison long construction period, several times delay the time of enterprises to promote the new product. After a few times some thoughts on the company's management began to Mr. Li's work, this let Mr. Li quickly find professional hand model factory heart more perseverance.

last Mr Li on the Internet to find the new group's factory, but because of the new group's factory is not local, Mr Li is a little not trust, decided to go to a research. In the new group factory visit this time, Mr. Li the cognition to the new group's plate factory gradually increase. In the new group's plate factory, Mr. Li saw the complete proofing equipment, and the most professional production team. When see production period, Mr. Li did not sure that I choose the wrong, because of the rapid manufacturing services company's factory period than Beijing local hand-board model factory shorten half.

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