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Talk Around Machines on Machinistsforum

by:Bofeng     2021-03-31

Are you spending time in social media networks like facebook? Aren't you fed up of talking rubbish? Want to do something more? I guess answer would be YES for most of people. If you interested in machines, this is the best place to talk around.

It is a new website which dedicated to those who are interested in machineries. It include Discuss CNC machining, manual machining, Cad/cam software, home machining, machine tool product reviews, manufacturing jobs and other machining related information.

The forum is consisting several boards, Main board, Specific machine board, Open discussion, commerce, Machinery manuals, and brochure and photo archives. Under these boards, there are many treads talk about specific and interesting topics regarding machineries.

Personally I use to read blogs, articles and discussions to improve my knowledge. I had read some treads in the machinist forum, and found interesting. Because people can actually talk about machines, and can get help and guidance in machinery related things like how to operate by reading manuals and some other articles. And by dividing the topics to subtopics accordingly there specificity improves time in finding them and it will avoid unnecessary troubles. And also one can post a reply to that. So by adding more and more people with time will improve the outcome as well.

Another special thing that took my mind was that the commerce board. It includes carrier opportunities which come handy if anyone is looking for a job in this field. And if anyone is looking to hire a specialist, there is a separate sub topic as well. And also it include topics called sale or wanted to those who are interested in buying and selling machinery tools. And also there's a topic dedicated for machinery accessories as well.

The registration is also simple and fast and once registered one can post replies and even start a new tread as well. Currently the machinist forum is in its childhood, but still there are many hundreds of posts covering varies topics. By the time the post count and the views will be increased when many people will join with it. Because it is one of the great places that restrict talks about the machineries and dedicated to those who seek suck a place. It is the sole purpose of writing this article. Let the others knows what you have found interesting. I believe it is one of the objectives of term global village.

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