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The 2017 Shanghai auto show: less know these point to walk to success

by:Bofeng     2020-11-12

the Shanghai auto show, which is held once every two years officially kicked off, all ready to go to the exhibition? In 2017 the first national car festival, to attract global automakers are obvious, how to better display its strength, for among car makers are priority these days, for error. For the convenience of you better in the next few days exhibition, rut you specially compiled on the several main point, not to be missed so everyone can be more targeted to see the exhibition. By the way, the Shanghai auto show will continue to cancel the car model, so want to see the beauty of the estimated to be disappointed, so, what we need to focus on the 17th Shanghai motor show, details on it. The opening of the Shanghai auto show on April 19, to April 28 closed for 10 days, the time period, the 35 square meters hall, there will be from 18 countries and regions, more than 1000 domestic and foreign manufacturers to show themselves. It is reported, the exhibition of more than 1400 cars, 113 world debut of chariots ( 30 foreign companies and Chinese companies, 83) And the world also will present the basic line of spare parts manufacturers, crucially, along with the mobile Internet, smart travel and closer links with the automotive industry, such as some crossover vendors will also participate in the connotation of the Shanghai auto show, for example, ali, gold and other manufacturers should be the first official as exhibitors to participate in large domestic auto show, and their arrival, will also make the content more rich and colorful of the contest.

new energy vehicles prominent strategic position

at the Shanghai auto show, the status of new energy vehicles will be more prominent, which not only displays in the exhibition of new energy vehicles the size ( It is understood that the show will showcase new energy vehicles 159 vehicles, including 96 domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers, 63) And, more importantly, to participate in the exhibition of new energy vehicles more and more enterprises, manufacturers are constantly deepen their own strategy of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles and related technology has gradually become the auto show's signature.

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