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The airbus A380 aircraft first test 3 d printing spread to move device

by:Bofeng     2020-11-03
Civil aviation resource net on April 17, 2017 news: airbus to an installed with circulate material manufacture technology of perturbation motion mechanism of the A380 flight test.

supply the liebherr aerospace hydraulic components ( Liebherr Aerospace) , according to the transmission of titanium valve block is to use 3 d printing, rather than made of solid metal through traditional milling process.

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Liebherr, points out that it is installed the 3 d printing primary flight control components of the first flight of the airbus aircraft. Liebherr also said that compared with the traditional method of manufacturing products, the 35% light transmission, at the same time, compared with the milling process, the manufacturing process of 'reduced complexity and material efficiency is very high. '

liebherr, general manager of flight control system and the gear sector Heiko Lutjens admitted:' 3 d printing technology to large-scale introduction of the industry, we still have a long way to go. 'He said. ' to improve the stability, maturity and economic efficiency, increase material all parts of the manufacturing process chain need to be optimized. However, the potential of 3 d printing and prospect will change the way of research and development of future aircraft. '

the transmission device is liebherr, airbus, as well as has university of technology ( 开大学技术) Three-way joint research and development, the r&d project section for the German government funding.

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