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The characteristics of rapid mould of the silicone mold manufacturing steps

by:Bofeng     2021-04-06
The characteristics of the silicone mold and manufacture of rapid tooling steps

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the characteristics of the silicone mold and the production process, do you know the characteristics of the silicone mold and manufacturing process? Today, the rapid manufacturing service companies will be special for each process were analyzed, and the hope for your help.

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silicone mold features:

1. Low viscosity, good fluidity, good operation.

2。 Small shrinkage rate, no deformation, shrinkage in two over one thousand. If the contract is very big, the product will become smaller, deformation when other liquid into a solid.

3。 High temperature resistant

note: as a matter of fact, silica gel for mould flip the more the better, usually at about 20 times. But the design of the rapid sample only need three to five model, so there's no need to die.

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silicone mold details: silicone mold series of silica gel for liquid flow, whatever the color, the same quality, component A as the flow of liquid, component B as curing agent. First will die or reproduction processing good, take a certain amount of colloid, add 2 - 3% of curing agent. Used after mixing evenly, 2 - 3 hours, can cure. Has the advantages of no deformation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistant, can be repeatedly used after molding, products provide rapid replication, product shrinkage rate of up to two thousand, is mainly used for fast sample and small batch replication products.

silicone mold manufacturing process:

open mold way including the cladding mode, brush layer mode ( Subdivision model, the three-dimensional model, plane model) And filling mold, determined by the product size.

1。 Cover mould: first of all, the thickness of 3 - 5 mm package on the mould seed layer of soil, made from plaster coating, remove the soil - Stain release material, the mixer pour silicone and curing agent with seed plaster mold, the coating curing.

2。 Three layer brush brush way: general method is based on multilayer brush mould requirements. The first layer modulus and brush brush vacuum in place. The second layer coated with gauze. The third layer of the curing.

3。 Molding: will mix silicone and curing agent into the mold surrounding containers, vacuum curing. Some can't directly out of the mould, cutting tools must be open and demoulding, make production smooth.

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quick die - — Silicone mold operation method:

1. Must deal with original model or you want to copy products. Because of copy products or model is not polishing and polishing, the actual model or the product itself is not A smooth or perfect, they are flowing liquid, component A is silica gel, component B is firming agent, you are made of silicone mold is not good enough, the actual casting products is not smooth.

2。 Vacuum processing, according to certain proportion mixing silicone and curing agent, the vacuum processing time shoulds not be too long. Due to silicone and curing agent stirring time bubble, not vacuum processing, if take out bubbles, silicone mold to have multiple pores, directly affects the quality of the products.

3。 Within the framework of silica gel into the mould will be empty.

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