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The Impact Of 3D Printing

by:Bofeng     2020-09-04
3D printing is starting to spread on a worldwide scale. This technology is changing the way things are manufactured, and who can manufacture what. First off, what is this new form of manufacturing? 3D printing is the layer by layer assembly of products through a 3D printer. The process consists of a 3D printer laying down very small layers of powder as small as a few microns across a build envelope, and fusing layers of powder together through laser melting or glue. As each layer is placed down, the powder is only melted or fused in accordance to the blueprint, or the 3D computer graphic provided. Through this method, very detailed products can be produced because the powder is fused in very precise increments at a time. On top of that, based off of this method, many products can be developed that were at one point unheard of with other traditional styles of manufacturing. 3D printing is not mold injection, and it isn't CNC cutting. It has the power to outdo those former methods of manufacturing in quite a few applications. The shapes of products being developed through 3D printing have a lot more to work with than other forms of manufacturing. Many products with moving parts, super high detailed pieces, and feats such as a ball within a ball leave engineers opening their eyes a little bit wider. This form of manufacturing is serious!
One other point I'd like to elaborate on, would be the material choices. I mentioned a powder being laid down earlier. This powder consists of a certain material, and the powder itself is what the product will consist of. Your product could be one of over 50 materials. You can find specific powder for materials such as thermoplastics, metals, rubber like materials, precious metals, translucent materials, and mechanical materials. Materials used within 3D printing can include cobalt chrome, silver, ABS plastic, stainless steel, or even titanium. There is a pretty wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes down to creating your product.
How does this technology affect you? Honestly, it may not directly impact you within the next 3-5 years. However, 3D printing is gaining worldwide attention, and is being used to manufacture magnificent parts in a wide variety of industries. Industries involving engineering are taking great notice to this form of manufacturing when it comes down to very specific projects. The medical industry is taking great notice. Whether it entails as small as a printed hearing aid, a hip replacement, or even a titanium printed jaw, the medical industry is definitely taking note. If your industry involves product development, you almost can't ignore 3D printing.
3D computer graphics are becoming more popular around the globe; designers are getting better with creating computer images, which indirectly creates a larger demand for 3D printing. These computer files serve as the blueprint for 3D printed products, and are essential to the creation of products through this technology. In the modern world we live in, computers are being distributed pretty widely in countries all over the world. This technology gives people a chance to try 3D development, which indirectly peaks the demand for 3D printing.

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