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The Importance of Quality Inspection

by:Bofeng     2021-04-07

Whether you are working on the latest device for your company or you are trying to find a replacement part for an old electronic device, finding a company to help you search for the parts you need is only half the battle. One of the difficult things to know is if your order contains exactly what you are expecting to get. This is why knowing what kind of quality inspection process your parts supplier uses is becoming more important.

These days the electronic parts and components distributors and wholesalers are facing a difficult task especially with more and more fake, counterfeit and sub standard components making their way onto the market, this problem is seen to be growing every year.

The distributors and wholesalers that you use to supply your part requirements should have a tough inspection process in place to ensure you will be receiving the best quality product possible.

A good quality inspection process would include several different factors including certified quality control inspectors, daily audits by lead inspectors to ensure a consistent, superior level of product inspection, a rigorous visual inspection and component tests to determine that products conform to manufacturers specifications and a quarantine and rejection process to ensure sub-standard products do not find their way into the market or into your projects.

Counterfeiters today are becoming more sophisticated and making their products more difficult to recognize. A good sign that your supplier is helping the fight against counterfeit and sub-standard products is if they are a member of Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) and use the IDEA-STD-1010-A standard. This standard was developed in 2006 by its members and is used to help educate and continue to educate its members by keeping their quality inspection processes up to date to help fight against the increase of poor or counterfeit parts. One company who is a member of IDEA and who has been in the Electronic parts and component distribution business since 1972 is Electrospec based in Dover, New Jersey.

Electrospec's quality inspection process uses the IDEA-STD-1010-A standard as a basis for their extensive quality control. They are a member of ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association, Inc.) and approved ISO 9001:2000 Certification by SGS Systems & Services Certification with their ISO quality system incorporating the relevant standards of ANSI/ESDS20.20-1999 that are applicable to an electronic components distributor.

Electrospec also does all the component sourcing for which has an extensive online parts catalogue and an online request for quote online submission form.

The bottom line is don't be afraid to ask your supplier about their quality inspection process, if it's good enough they will not only be happy to talk to you about it they will want to boast about how good it is.

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