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The main advantage of the silica gel complex mode

by:Bofeng     2020-10-24
In industry hand-board model is often used silica gel complex mode to make the hand, and in the open mold before the small batch hand-board model choice and silica gel complex mode, many industrial products, such as auto parts, robots, medical equipment, 3 c products, from the development of a concept or idea to mass produce a mature product, demand after planning research personnel constantly found problems, improve the product planning, and mould cost, and time is longer, more let planning development personnel is difficult, if planning rendering errors, will form a lot of unnecessary loss, often due to a set of steel at 10 tens or hundreds of thousands of; So before the open mold, small batch silicone compound die hand will be very good test whether new products qualified, can also prevent unnecessary loss.

vacuum injection type, namely vacuum complex mode, also called silicon complex mode, needs to use the silicone mold. Under vacuum conditions in both of the castable for deaeration, mixing, preheating, note type, and at 60 ℃ - The constant temperature box of 80 ℃ for 2 - 3 hours of secondary curing process, silicon complex mode of imitation, to reach the strength and hardness of the raw materials such as ABS, can also according to customer requirements and equipment a color up mode is suitable for small batch of generic pieces of plastic in the process of product development, the structure is mixed and disorderly, uniform wall thickness, satisfying the function and appearance requirements of small batch samples are made.

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hand-board model silicone compound mould process:

1, the prototype: according to the customer supply the 3 d drawings, CNC machining, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3 d printing to make a prototype.

2, making silicone mold: after good prototype manufacturing, manufacturing mold frame, fixed prototype, pouring silicone, eight hours after drying, mould opening out the prototype, the silicone mold manufacturing.

3, vacuum casting: inject liquid rubber material silicone mold, at 60 ° - 30-70 ° of the incubator 60 minutes after curing, demoulding, at 70 ° - when necessary For 2-80 ° of the incubator 3 hours of secondary curing. Under normal circumstances the use of silicone mold life commonly is 15 20 times.

small batch silica gel complex mode's key features:

1, the silicone mold deformation, not shrinking; After molding, high temperature resistant, mould can be repeated use; Providing convenience for making products;

2, silicone mold quality and cheap, relatively short production cycle, the mould to prevent unnecessary loss.

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