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The main technical points of the silica gel complex mode

by:Bofeng     2020-10-24
Compared with silicone replica optimization and improve, silicone replica of post-processing is a more reliable and more economic solution. We often can see in the movie props and silicone compound works almost recover post-processing, professional technical and artistic skills are needed for this. But for general requirements, and beginners, it is much easier. Simple post-processing can achieve ideal look and feel. Rapid manufacturing services company simple small make up to introduce friends to some of the common silicone compound mould post-processing technology.

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for most model, support is essential, but remove will leave a mark on the face of the model. In order to solve this problem, on the one hand, we need to properly optimize slices, but also need to remove a little skill. Proficient in using appropriate scissors is necessary. Common consumables, usually support dismantling is relatively simple, but some of the key components of support, demolition may damage model, need to be more careful.

imagine three-dimensional water-soluble consumables, when immersed in water, it will be completely dissolved. This not only increase the design degrees of freedom of the model, and makes the removal is very convenient. File and sand paper is a common grinding and polishing tools, it should be noted that the material must be water polishing, it can prevent material overheating and hair.

in general, grinding can be finished by the two kinds of tools. Large residual bump can use the file to remove support, small particles and lines can be used sand paper from low to high polishing grid. For surface quality requirement, also can use special grinding paste, fine grinding and polishing tools, these tools can generally be in the hardware store. Advantages: simple tools, quantity is little, roughing and polishing smooth, FDM materials easily polished, the cost is low. Chemical polishing ABS model can use acetone polishing. The method inspired by nail polish, acetone solution ABS materials, boil acetone in the ventilation, fumigation, or put model and acetone in airtight environment ( Such as glass cover) In the. Acetone vapor will slowly corrosion surface and make it smooth. Polylactic acid materials cannot be used in polishing acetone, so need special polishing oils poly (lactic acid) (PLA).

in general, the chemical polishing is not mature and popular abroad, but didn't get extensive application, can be as a substitute for post-processing polishing method. Advantage: the effect is good, good luster; Acetone is relatively cheap ( A hardware store sales) ; Simple and easy to process. Smooth filling is filled grooves, make the model. Filler can fill and rinse small cracks and closely integrated with plastic model, and then grinding and polishing, in order to obtain better surface quality. In addition, the addition of soil can make paint adhesion, better then the shading effect is better. However, repair costs are relatively high, generally used in the silicone compound mould, has high quality requirements.

coloring methods are: spraying, brush pen, simple operation, in addition to the ordinary spray paint, hand-board model for painting pen, the glans penis pump ( A treasure to sell) , the glans penis pump is suitable for the primer, spray pen is suitable for small type or model coloring the thin parts. Photosensitive regulation there are two main types: dumb light regulation and light regulation.

you can use the matte oil or light oil to adjust the model of the texture, to form the whole light or light, part of the light or the light to the height of the texture simulation model. Water transfer printing is a relatively new technology, apply to disguise, such as abstract, dimensionless image texture. It can be applied to almost all of the material, but the equipment is expensive, high threshold. It is typically used for mass production of industrial products.

for big size or multicomponent model, usually use adhesive joint components, and can easily through the use of the commonly used adhesive bonding and the connection of plastic materials. This period was over, the content of the above how much knowledge you know? More about silicone compound die of the latest developments in industry, log in rapid manufacturing services company website for details.

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